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Terms and Condition for BCCB Guest House Booking

Welcome to the Terms & Conditions of Use for this web site. This is the intellectual property of Bassien Catholic Co-Operative Bank. The use of information by any other party is subject to legal actions.

Rules and Condition

1. The BCCB Guest House is limited to shareholders and their family along with bank employees and their families.

2. The definition of family means husband, wife, children and parents.

3. The Bungalow A(Dormitory) will be available for the group. The Bungalow has capacity of 40 people in it. Only 10 additional people will be allowed with payment of additional fee. In any case the Bungalow will not exceed more than 50 people. Children below 5years of will not be considered as adult.

4. The BCCB Guest House contains B, B1, E and F these four bungalow will be available for the shareholders and their families. In B and B1 bungalow only 2 families of size 8 can stay. The extra person allowed will be 2 people can be relatives or friends with adequate charges for the same. The same is with E and F bungalow, which has capacity of 10 people with only 4 extra allowed.

5. The Deposit amount for all the bungalow will be Rs.5000/Per Bungalow.

6. The bungalow can be booked 60 days prior from current date.

7. The shareholder can book only one bungalow and maximum of 2 nights at a time.

8. The reservation for the bungalow will be available on the Banks dedicated website for reservation of the same. By filling the form and paying the respective fees the reservation will be confirmed. There will be no reservation made on the phone.

9. All the people staying in the bank guest house should provide details like name, address age, membership number, saving account number, aadhar card number, pan card, mobile number and relationship with reservation making person.

10. The reservation receipt can be collected from the bank’s head office. Without receipt the user won’t be allowed enter the premises. The reservation receipt will be emailed to the user along with SMS. The user needs to produce when check-In in the guest; without which the persons won’t be allowed to enter.

11. The day in Guest house comprise of 10.30 am to next day 9.00 am. (For example :- If it is Sunday morning 10.30 am the pupils will be checked-In and next day i.e on Monday 9.00 am will checkout.)

12. After getting reservation if in case the Member or Employees don’t go to stay then they won’t get the refund of the amount for the same. But if the reservation is cancelled prior then following cancelation rules will be applicable.

  • . If the reservation is cancelled prior to 15 days than 25% of the amount will be deducted and 75% amount will be refunded.
  • If the reservation is cancelled prior to 10 days than 50% of the amount will be deducted and 50% amount will be refunded.
  • If the reservation is cancelled prior to 5 days than 75% of the amount will be deducted and 25% amount will be refunded.
  • During the bank holiday and on reservation day cancelation won’t be allowed.

13. It is mandatory for the person (member or employee) against whom the reservation is done, to be present while getting the entry in the guest house. In case of absence, other members strictly won’t be allowed to enter the premises.

14. The people accompanying against the reservation if do not have identity proof they can show their other KYC documents for getting the entry into the guest house.

15. For the maintenance of the Guest houses a Guardian has been appointed by the bank. The Guardian will take care of the bank’s property and see smooth functioning of the same. The Guardian will guide the Member/Employee on stay for smooth functioning of the guest house. In case of emergency the guardian will help. Please don’t ask any personal work to the Guardian.

16. In all the rooms of the bungalows daily use furniture, beds etc. would be available. In case of breakage or mishandling of the objects the entire amount of the object will be deducted from the deposit.

List of items in Bungalows:

Fridge, Gas, Grill, Lighter, Cooker, Frying Pan, Cooking-pot, Cooking-pot lid, Ukhalee, Morlee, Anjali Cutter, Knife , Koita, Kaltha, Glasses , Bowls, Steel Glasses, Plates , Spoons, Steel Jug, Steel Mug, Plastic Bucket, Opener, Mat , Tea Filter etc.

18. The list of items stated in rule number 17 will be available in each bungalow. Ensure the items on the list are present while taking entry or exiting the bungalow. If any discrepancy in the list of items bring it to the notice of the Guardian. While exiting the bungalow kindly call the Guardian and handover the keys to him. During that time if any items is damaged or lost is noticed, its amount will be deducted from the deposit amount. Also while leaving the bungalow please keep it clean. The cleaning of the bungalow will be full responsibility of the reservation person.

19. For washing of clothes and utensils the Reserved person has to make the arrangement for himself.

20. Maintaining the silence and cleanliness in the Bungalow premises is mandatory. Always see to it that it does not affect others around in the premises.

21. Please take proper care of the items, trees, plants etc. in the premises. Don’t damage them.

22. Any kind of misbehaviour, illegal activities done by the rule breaking person will subject to legal disciplinary action. The Bank has all the right to cancel the reservation of the person who misbehaves. In such cases the amount against that Reservation won’t be refunded to the reservation holder.

23. Bringing explosives, drugs or any other kind of harmful product is strictly prohibited. Drinking is strictly prohibited.

24. In case the Bank needs the Guest House for its internal purpose, the Bank hereby has all due right to cancel the reservation. In that case advanced payment paid will refunded accordingly.

25. Any suggestion related to facilities do let us know.